Beyond The Oatmeal Box

Spirit In Action

Quakers have historically chosen nonviolent confrontation as the way to let their lives speak.

Quakers & Business

Since the 1600s Quakers were credited with setting fair prices rather than haggling and earned a reputation for being trustworthy.

The Push for Suffrage

The suffrage battle lasted 72 years before Quaker leaders Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and finally Alice Paul, won women the right to vote.

Living the Peace Testimony

Their central belief in peace has, over the centuries, resulted in Quakers being imprisoned or vilified as conscientious objectors.

Speaking Truth to Power

Quakers have become known for persistent protest and nonviolent confrontation when supporting their principles.

Care and Concerns

The American Friends Service Committee has a global commitment to provide humanitarian support regardless of country or political conflict.

Ways of Worship

Quakers in different regions worship in different ways, but all adhere to the testimony of peace and nonviolence.